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4Element is back with their second opus. After changes in musicians and several years of churning the melodies and rhythms to get to the Holy Grail of sounds, 4Element presents 'Duplicity' with artwork that expresses the music within.

'Duplicity' is the perfect name for this album. As the songs stream through the ears and tantalize the mind, the listener can feel the angst and struggle of the band. As the heavy symphonic riffs and beats hit the street, the slow melodic lines make the listener strain for more. The machines are slowly appearing. Prog, electronics, metal, pop are all intertwined to reveal the band's intent.

The name also represents the two different groups of people who created this music over the years, with different visions, different passions. Maybe it also shows the dual side of some of us? The band gets more political, more aggressive, more melancholy and serious.

Included is a live version of their anthem concert song ‘Mid-century sky jump’ as well as an electronic remix of 'All Around Is Loud'.

If you are in a strange place and you're not sure of your state of mind, pick up Duplicity. You will feel right at home! And it may give you answers to many of your questions...


released June 1, 2005

- Alban Theys: drums & percussion (3,4,5,8), drum machine (2,3,5,8)
- Cedric Theys: bass (1,2,4,8), Stick (3,5,6), vocals (1,4,6)
- Esteban Tucci: drums (1,2,6)
- Tom Hoole: lyricist, live percussion & electronics
- Xavier Chasseuil: all electric & acoustic guitars, vocals (2,6)

- All songs composed by 4ELEMENT

- Recorded & mixed by Cedric Theys
- Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering (www.fullcirclemastering.com)
- Cover by Tom Hoole & layout by Alban Theys


all rights reserved



Mad Ducks Records Austin, Texas

MDR is managed by pretty much just one person, owner Cédric Theys. He is involved in all releases in one way or another, usually as a musician but sometimes as just the producer.

Your help and interest is so much appreciated. This is an entirely DIY label and everything coming in is reinvested in future releases and projects.
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Track Name: Intifada
With tension rising between the Palestinian
and Israeli nations it was only a matter of
time before conflict ensued...

Pebbles in small hands
Against the bullets of men.
Clubs breaking backs.
Broken glass and tear gas.
This is not enough to stop a child.

Like a chorus
Man, woman and child
Chant Intifada in the streets.

With a Molotov in one hand
And a flag in the other
He shouts "I want to be one with my land".

From Gaza to the dome
This land is their home.
The wind from the east
And the blood in the soil
Calls attention to the tension
It's time to take a stand.

On December 8th 1987 a mere car accident
between an Israeli truck driver and a car carrying
laborers from the Gaza strip ignited the spark
for the uprising that is know as "Intifada".
Track Name: All Around Is Quiet
The rain beats on the windshield.
The radio is on,
The symphony fills up the field
Driving to downtown.
Moving into traffic,
I'm not even sick.
I still have blood on my nails,
Same color as her lipstick.
The rain beats on the windshield
Recall the room beyond the hall
Where her blood gushed on the wall,
A thousand roses in the field.

I didn't want to kill her.
I realize I just did.
She laughed when I begged her
I did it, easy on the beat.
I broke a glass of dirty gin
Shattered her soft skin.
Bottleneck slid on vocal strings.
She screams as she seems to sing
Her eyes begged me like I did.
She crawls to reach the door
She's now dead on the floor
She laughs the throat wide open.

The rain beats on the windshield.
The radio is on,
The symphony fills up the field.
All around is quiet.
Track Name: Black Rose
We stand silent look at each other.
That's enough, no need for more.
We've connected, we know.

Sometimes I loose faith.
I feel hopeless.
You are far away.
Time stops.
My imagination draws a dark picture.

Radio statics,
Communication breakdown.
I only hear my heart pumping.
Wasting precious time to tell you how I feel.
Is a life enough to tell you everything?

Is this a masquerade,
Playing a mind's game?
Are you only saying what I want to hear?
Feelings fade, it's always the same.
I can't jump the fence and come out clear
The words are right
But you don't understand me.

When I see you, the truth is clear.
How stupid I have been?
How could I doubt?
I was scared, forgive me, forgive me.
Track Name: The Bridge
When I was a young boy
Mama told me to say my prayers
And God will protect.

You're gonna have to rebuild
The bridge you burned.
I'm done waiting on you.

In faith, I spent many an hour
Pleading for your help
Through my trials.
Anticipating a response,
Hearing only silence.
I'm not gonna play Your fool anymore.

You're gonna have to rebuild
The bridge you burned.

Now I am older,
Tainted and disenchanted.
I see the bumper sticker
That says God listens.
But does he answer?
Yes, Does he answer?

You’re gonna have to rebuild
The bridge you burned.
I’m tired of waiting,
I’m done waiting on you.

Now I’m much older
Sitting in my rocking chair
Watching the Sonrise
I realize

I lit the match
That burnt the bridge.
You were always there
Never gave up on me.
Mama was right. Mama was right.

Lifting my ol’bones
Out of my bed
I know He carried me
Through my trials.

I lit the match
That burnt the bridge.
You were always there,
Never gave up on me.
Mama was right. Mama was right.

I lit the match
That burnt the bridge.
You were always there for me,
You never gave up on me.

Lying in my death bed
Looking back at my full life
I utter in my last breath…

You never gave up on me
Why did I give up on you?