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With tension rising between the Palestinian
and Israeli nations it was only a matter of
time before conflict ensued...

Pebbles in small hands
Against the bullets of men.
Clubs breaking backs.
Broken glass and tear gas.
This is not enough to stop a child.

Like a chorus
Man, woman and child
Chant Intifada in the streets.

With a Molotov in one hand
And a flag in the other
He shouts "I want to be one with my land".

From Gaza to the dome
This land is their home.
The wind from the east
And the blood in the soil
Calls attention to the tension
It's time to take a stand.

On December 8th 1987 a mere car accident
between an Israeli truck driver and a car carrying
laborers from the Gaza strip ignited the spark
for the uprising that is know as "Intifada".


from Duplicity, released June 1, 2005
Lyrics by Tom Hoole


all rights reserved



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